does one thing, and one thing very well, CIO & CISO Services. We are a pure executive leadership organization that takes the "drama" out of cybersecurity by focusing on true solutions to secure your enterprise that are smart, low-cost, and creative. operates in one or both methods: Monthly Contract or "On-Demand" to met your budget. 

How It Works:

    1. We don't resell products or other vendor services

    2. We are vendor agnostic, have no "back-end" relationships, no partnerships

    3. We have one of two types of agreements--Fractional and/or Monthly Contract

    4. Fractional is purchasing a block of hours.  Minimum purchase--15 hours.  Only hours are used at your discretion.  Hours can be used for email, phone, or site visit.





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Prevention is the key from being compromised 
  • ►We can take a company from reactive mode to proactive mode with simple & smart changes
  • ►We can significantly lower your business risk