The Fractional Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) business model is designed for small business, mid-market, and quasi-governemnt organizations that cannot afford a CISO executive, yet need to have a cyber-security executive on staff.  The Fractional CISO provides your company the services of a world-class cyber security executive without having to pay a full-time CISO salary.

Benefits of a Fractional CISO:

    1. Internationally recognized CISO executive.  Google search "Todd Bell, CISO"

    2. Reduce cyber-security risk through a managed process

    3. Improve IT budget by keeping headcount costs under control

    4. Reduce overhead with one less executive in the C-Suite and no political agenda

    5. Ideal for a small to mid-sized organizations trying to preserve cash

    6. Provide expert guidance when a company is undertaking a high-risk endeavor that requires a high level of expertise than in-house IT staff

    7. Ensure security technologies and purchasing are aligned with company strategy and direction.

    8. The role of the Fractional CISO is to be a "Business Enabler" and support the business, not suffocate the business with lots of burdensome security processes.





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Services of a Fractional CISO  
  • ►Solve current security problems
  • ►Build a new information security program
  • ►Get peace of mind of fixing systems that are insecure and may be easy for compromise

Setting strategy 
  • ►Strategic planning and rationalizing IT budget
  • ►Reducing cyber-security risk
  • ►IT security, risk management, security assessments, compliance, new infrastructure

    Business Benefits of a CISO On-Demand

    Fractional CISO CISO Employee
    ►$275/hr ►$220K-$350K Salary, Bonus, Benefits
    ►Part-Time ►Full-Time Resource
    ►Budget Friendly ►Continuous Training & Conferences
    ►All inclusive cost (Equipment to Software-less T&A) ►Additional Employee Expenses (Equipment, Certifications, Software)
    ►24x7 Response ►Additional Person For Executive Bonus Payout
    ►Annual Potential Savings:
    $50K to $100K
    ►Worker Comp and Employee Taxes
    ►Easy to terminate services ►3-12 Month Severance Package
    ►Industry Recognized CISO ►Average CISO Tenure: 18-24 Months

    : Price Schedule :

    Executive Rate

    Service Description

    $275/hr Rate for On-Site, Telephone, E-Mail, WebEx Support, Research, etc.
    Fractional CISO & Board Advisory Services
          : CISO Services Discount Schedule :
    Number of Hours 80 Hrs   120 Hrs   160 Hrs 320+Hrs
    Discount Amount 2%   3%   4%   5%  
    Invoiced in 15 Minute increments with a minimum of 15 hours per on-site visit.  No upfront discounts.
    Discount Schedule works in a cumulative mode. The more your company uses, the greater the discount.  No upfront discounts.
    There is no guaranteed response time for non-retainer clients.  Clients are on a first-come/first-serve basis.  

    Payment terms are 30% upfront, NET30 terms, and billing provided weekly.

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    Terms are subject to change without notification