Business Problem:

Your organization needs a Board level CISO expert that can speak in "plain english" without the technical jargon and demonstrate in business terms how cybersecurity risk and issues can be managed and resolved at the Board level.

Benefit: has direct experience being a Board Director to Board Advisory  for public and private companies.  Cybersecurity is a complex subject and we translate problems into solutions that is easy to understand, yet has the necessary detail to justify resources to fix and resolve.  Another benefit is having a Subject Matter Expert that can respond to what an organization needs to do in order to operate.  Your organization can expect personalized advisory from an expert that is viewed as a "trusted advisor."





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Executive Advisory Services
  • ►Trusted Advisor that is credible
  • ►Fact based decision making

Why You Need This
  • ►Proven Board Level Expertise to articulate cybersecurity issues into actionable execution for remediation