Combining Technology Transformation, Cyber, and AI Expertise

Becoming a "NextGen Tech" Organization: A Technology Transformation Approach That Works

Remote work, booming online demand, Generative AI, and a surge in cyberattacks have made technology a core business function. This new reality demands faster and more impactful tech modernization. Traditional, time-consuming tech transformations often falter due to their piecemeal implementation. Value degrades as projects drag on, failing to deliver the intended impact. In contrast, modern Technology Transformation operates concurrently on a portfolio of business-aligned tech projects. This holistic approach delivers a significant transformation to the technology stack, empowering the business to thrive.

Forward-thinking companies are adopting a different approach. They recognize the deep connections between technology and business, ensuring that changes drive value. Additionally, they make these changes self-funding, allowing for continuous expansion. We call this comprehensive approach "NextGen Tech" where continuous Technology Transformation is always occurring.

A successful Technology Transformation consists of three foundation components:

Foundation 1: Re-imagining The Role of Technology

  • Focus on agility: Agile Business Strategy with Technology

  • Focus on impact: Value-Driven Technology Transformation

  • Focus on integration: Tech-Centric Business Growth Strategy

  • Focus on self-funding: Sustainable Technology Investment Strategy

Foundation 2: Reinventing Technology Delivery

  • Focus on process: Transforming Tech Delivery: A Modern Approach

  • Focus on speed: Accelerated Technology Implementation Strategies

  • Focus on value: Delivering Tech That Drives Business Results

  • Focus on user experience: Streamlined Technology Adoption for Businesses

Foundation 3: Future-Proofing The Foundation

  • Focus on adaptability: Building a Future-Ready Foundation

  • Focus on continuous improvement: Laying the Groundwork for Continuous Innovation

  • Focus on resilience: Fortifying Your Foundation for Long-Term Success

  • Focus on strategic vision: Building a Future-Focused Foundation

turned on monitoring screen
turned on monitoring screen
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a computer generated image of the letter a


Reimagining Your Business Using Technology Transformation, Cyber, and Generative AI Services

This combination of services offers a powerful approach to propel your business into the future. Here's a breakdown of each area and how they work together:

Technology Transformation: This focuses on modernizing your IT infrastructure and processes to improve efficiency, agility, and scalability. It can involve cloud migration, data center upgrades, and network optimization.

Cyber Security: This service strengthens your defenses against cyber threats through strategies, training, and incident response plans. It ensures your valuable data and systems remain secure.

Generative AI Services: This cutting-edge technology leverages AI to automate tasks, create new content, and accelerate innovation. It can be used for tasks like:

  • Generating creative content

  • Automating data analysis

  • Developing prototypes

The Synergy:

These services work together to create a robust and future-proof business environment:

  • Technology Transformation lays the foundation for agility and scalability, allowing you to readily integrate new technologies like Generative AI.

  • Cyber Security protects your data and systems, ensuring that the advancements powered by Generative AI are built on a secure platform.

  • Generative AI unlocks new levels of efficiency and innovation, turning data into valuable insights and accelerating your business goals.

By combining these services, you can achieve:

  • Enhanced decision-making: Leverage data-driven insights from Generative AI.

  • Improved operational efficiency: Automate tasks with AI to free up resources.

  • Faster innovation: Develop new products and services with the speed and creativity of AI.

  • Increased security: Protect your data and systems while embracing new technologies.

man writing on white board
man writing on white board

Hourly Rate:

  • Standard hourly rate is $325/hour

Project Based Pricing:

  • 10-hour package for $3,000 up front

  • 20-hour package for $5,800 up front

  • 30-hour package for $8,400 up front

  • 40-hour package for $11,000 up front

Additional Considerations:

  • Minimum Project Fee: $300 minimum project fee to cover initial setup and overhead costs, for projects.

  • Travel Expenses: Travel for client meetings, on site work will use standard acceptable travel rates

  • Retainer Agreement: 30% upfront for flat hourly billing

  • Service Guarantee: If work performed is proven to be defective, a mutually agreed nominal amount of hours will be offered at no charge.

man sitting in front of silver Apple iMac on table
man sitting in front of silver Apple iMac on table
man wearing gray polo shirt beside dry-erase board
man wearing gray polo shirt beside dry-erase board


To maintain the confidentiality of our clients, we don't disclose their names for referrals or references. Technology Transformation is a strategic business function, and our successful approaches remain private to maximize the value and impact for our clients. The Use Cases below provide examples of past projects and the outcome.


Global Expertise Informs Our Strategies

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, our team brings extensive international experience to every project. This allows us to understand how leading companies around the world leverage technology for success. We've witnessed firsthand the power of optimized business models, efficient processes, and high-performing teams.

Uncompromising Integrity

We operate with the highest ethical standards. Our "no shortcuts" approach ensures we deliver sustainable, long-term solutions. We believe in leading by example, fostering a culture of integrity throughout our organization and working with your organization.

Our Competitive Advantage

We're a small, but impactful company. We help organizations thrive by:

  • Bridging the gap between business strategy and technology.

  • Optimizing processes to streamline operations.

  • Building high-performing teams that drive results.

  • Leadership excellence by having a positive impact with client employees for the Technology Transformation journey.

  • We guarantee our work.

Our Expertise at Your Service

We deliver high-quality solutions and thought leadership, drawing from industry best practices and leveraging proven strategies without the premium price tag. We are passionate about putting our clients in the best competitive position to succeed.

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