The CIO & CISO Executive Advisor provides your business the sophisticated technical and cybersecurity expertise without the tremendous price tag of a full-time CIO or CISO.   The CIO & CISO Executive Advisory is the new business model for companies that want to optimize labor expenditures, but might not be ready to hire a CIO or CISO leader.

Hiring a CIO or CISO leader can be cost-prohibitive for many companies.  CIO & CISO leaders often command a base salary of $220K to $550K.  In contrast, companies can pay an affordable $2,000 to $6,500 a month for a CIO & CISO leader.  Companies may not be ready to invest in a CISO leader due to economic/COVID-19 conditions or uncertainty about the need for a specific role.  CIO & CISO staffing allows companies to fill a CIO or CISO role quickly--without committing to a full-time employee.

Experience the Fortune 500 expertise without the Fortune 500 price and overhead.  Whether your company is starting a new Generative AI project, Data Clean-up for Machine Learning, Rebuilding a cybersecurity program or need to mature an existing cybersecurity program, your company will be engaging with an international/Fortune 500 CISO & CIO that can bring big company experience to protect & transform your company by accomodating limited budgets and resources. has worked with Retailers, Airlines, Healthcare, Finance/Banking, Service Providers, Data Centers, Hospitality, Gaming, Utilities, Fraud Detection Companies, and Entertainment Companies for preventing fraud and fighting cyber-crime for critical infrastructure.  We have exptertise  within the USA, UK, EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.   Expertise in "high-fraud" areas of the world for conducting payments and ecommerce.

Ask yourself this question, what is the cost of ignoring cybersecurity in your company?  It is 2024 and companies can no longer ignore cybersecurity, make CISO hiring mistakes when the stakes keep climbing for continuous cyber attacks on company for your bank accounts, customer information, credit cards, sensitive data, and your intellectual property. 





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Industrial Grade Security
  • ►Inventor of the Bell Security Enterprise Architecture that can stand up to current & future cyber security threats with your existing infrastructure and a fraction of the cost
  • ►Building strong security programs
  • Payment & FinTech, and Healthcare
  • ►Use a pragmatic approach to cybersecuritiy

Executive Advisory
  • ►Get answers to your security questions
  • ►How to deal with cyber-security with limited resources
  • ►What needs to be accomplished for securing an organization
  • ►What laws apply to your organization

Who We Work With
  • ►We typically work with growth-oriented, small to mid-sized businesses ($10M - under $1B in revenue).  We also work with with the Fortune 500 for critical backfills for vacated positions.